Like Us

I just hate it when I have breakouts because lately, I am always burning the midnight oil to study. I just envy those people who do not experience breakouts like mine because I am prone to having big nodular acne on my face. Sometimes, it evens comes up with a scalp acne and it is really gross. I told my mom about it and she said that our family is prone with such a condition. She added that I probably got it from my dad’s side, so he is the one to blame and we laughed about it. I told my mom that I plan to go home this weekend and I asked her to come along with me to a dermatologist. She said that there is a new dermatology clinic in town and rumor has it that the owner used to live in our neighborhood. She added that it is maybe the Reeve’s family because she knows that one of their daughters is a skin doctor.

It is finally a weekend and I went home to our house to visit my parents and my dog. My mom asked me about what time are we going to the clinic and I told her that I just needed to rest for a while. She said that she is going out for an errand and it would take her an hour to finish. I asked her where is she going and she told me that she is going to shop at the grocery store because she is planning a good and hearty dinner later.

I just rested for a while and then I called Cheryl. I told her that I am planning to go to a dermatology clinic later. She asked me about which clinic where I am going and I told her that I plan to visit the newly opened one. She warned me against it because she has a friend who had a facial there last week and their staff did not know how to prick whiteheads and blackheads properly, which resulted to unnecessary pain and scars. I thanked her for warning me against the new clinic and I asked her about where I should go. She gave me a number and a location then she told me to tell them that Cheryl referred me. She added that they would take good care of me.

After an hour or so, my mom went home and I told her about what Cheryl said of the new clinic. She agreed that I do not have to take chances whether they have a good or bad service, so we just decided to go to the clinic that my best friend referred me. I called the number that my best friend gave me and asked them if they still have a slot for me this afternoon. I also told the woman on the phone who referred me. She is so delighted to hear Cheryl’s name and she told me that she is a frequent customer on their clinic.