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I am very fortunate enough to have a very loving family, but it is the complete opposite when it comes to love and relationships. I have not been in one for over four years. I have many failed relationships and my mom thinks that I’ve already given up on finding my perfect match. I told my mom that it is not like that. It’s just that when I plan to be in a new relationship, I want him to be my last. My friends tell me that I am picky, but I think that it is my right not to just settle when someone comes along.

As I am browsing the internet, I have read about Myer Briggs Type indicator test and I am curious about how it works. I spent an hour reading about it and I found out that infj relationships are very compatible with infp relationships. I belong to the INFJ side and what I want to do is find someone who is on the INFP side.

I told my best friend Cheryl about my plan and she laughed at me because she thinks that I am just kidding. I told her that I am serious about finding an INFP guy because I want to test if the indicator test works. I shared with my best friend that an INFJ person like me is very gentle and caring, but at the same time, I am also very complex, artistic and creative as I often find myself doodling on a piece of paper when I don’t have anything to do. The only thing that is the downside about me it that I tend to sometimes be stubborn about things and I also have strong instincts that sometimes, I tend to ignore someone else’s opinions. To make it short, I have a very strong personality. My best friend told me that it’s going to hard to find myself a mate if I will not try to lower my expectations about other people. I told her that it is the reason why I want to try the compatibility of my type to infp’s. She is still a little bit reluctant about the idea, but she told me that she would support me all the way, because we are best friends and I am very happy about that. The only problem that we encountered is that how can we filter out guys with infp types.

Cheryl and I thought about it long and hard and then we came up with a plan. We are going to filter the guys that she wants to match up with me by looking at their social media accounts. We both know that it’s going to be hard, but I know that it’s going to be worth it. We are going to base it by looking at their posts, and we will start from there. As we are browsing the accounts, I like this guy named Brent because he looks nice and he seems to have an INFP type because of the way he posts. He seems to be very thoughtful and considerate to others, which would be perfect for me, as he could tolerate my occasional stubbornness. My best friend told me that Brent is her sister’s friend and she would try to put him on a blind date with me this weekend.