Time to Relax

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Stress is really taking a toll on me and I just find myself always scratching my head. In just a few weeks, I found out that I developed lesions and scabs on scalp. I am a bit worried because it does not look good and it smells gross. I called Cheryl and I told her about what happened to my scalp. She instructed me to calm down because stressing about it would not help me a thing. She said that she is going to come over later to see my scalp and she would also bring me some medicines to cure it. As I am thanking her for always being there to help, she reminded me to not to be so serious about my studies and I need to relax from time to time. I agree that I have to relax more because when I am studying, I am so into it, that I often forget about the time and it makes me skip some meals.

scalp folliculitisIn a few hours, Cheryl finally came and she brought me an antibiotic ointment cream and a hydrogen peroxide to clean my scalp. She told me that I have to clean my scalp before I apply the ointment on the affected area. I asked her about why she has those medicines. I told her that she does not have to buy one for me, so I asked her about how much it costs her. She told me not to worry about it because for the past few months, she has been treating her scalp folliculitis. She added that she is okay now, so I could have all her medicines. I am not aware that she had a problem with her scalp, so I asked her what caused her such a condition. She told me that she had an accident where she had a small cut on her head and she did not disinfect it. She added that she just ignored it because it was just a small cut and then after a week, it swelled and it had lots of pus in it. She went to the doctor for a consult and the doctor told her that she has a folliculitis on her head. The doctor reminded her that next time, she should not ignore small cuts like that because it would cause an infection if not treated properly. The doctor prescribed her the antibiotic cream and the hydrogen peroxide, which she passed on to me.

After helping me treat my scalp, Cheryl asked me if I have plans later because she wants to get a drink because it has been a while since we went for a girl’s night out. I told her that I am supposed to study in a while, but since she said that I needed to lighten up and enjoy my life more, I told her that I could postpone my studying tomorrow and have a grand time with her later. We are so excited about where we are going later and I am sure that we will have lots of fun.