The Perfect Gift

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I met Justin when Cheryl and I were hanging out in a club. We were just dancing and drinking the night away and then someone asked me if I could dance with him for a while. He politely introduced himself as Justin. Cheryl is very surprised that I let someone dance with me because she knows that I am not looking for a relationship. I am surprised too because I had a very good time with him. He politely asked for my number and it started from there. We talked on the phone every night and I got to know him well and his intentions for me.

Finally, I met someone who would love me for who I am, someone who would let me grow, but at the same time, would always protect me from harm. Justin really completes me. I just love how he is always there when I need him most. We have been dating for almost two months and it is very refreshing to have someone to hold onto when I feel lonely other than my best friend. Cheryl told me that he likes the guy because she has a gut feeling that he is the guy who would marry me in time. She also wishes me the best and hopes that my happiness would last forever. I told her that I also wish that the thing that we currently have is for keeps.

It is my birthday next week and Justin asked my best friend Cheryl about what gift to give me. She hinted that I would want a cuddly pet, but he could not give me a dog because I do not have much space in my room. Justin told her that he is going to browse the nearby pet shop later and he would try to get me something special. She told him that she wishes him good luck because I could be sometimes picky with pets.

Justin went to the pet shop and he was overwhelmed about the wide array of choices of pets that they are selling. He tried to focus about what to get me that fits my personality. He then saw some lionhead bunnies in cages and they seem so lovable and cuddly. He thought that it is going to be the perfect pet for me as they are also not high maintenance. He asked the sales clerk about bunny facts, so he would know about how to take care of them properly. The sales clerk told him that they just need fresh water and slices of veggies every day. He mentioned that he also could give him occasional fruits as treats. He added that they need exercise from time to time, but they aren’t like dogs who need constant exercise and care.

Justin told my best friend about the gift that he bought me and she is so excited because she is sure that I would love to have some bunnies and she is right. When I got the bunnies, I am really touched because he tried his best to get me something that I really want.