Parents Know Best

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The saying that parents always know what is best for their children is true and I have learned it the hard way. My mom and dad are happy that I am taking my studies very seriously, but they also tell me that I should know when to stop and relax. I told both of them not to worry so much about me because I am doing this for me and for them because I want them to be proud of me. My older brother stopped studying college and he is currently working as a sales clerk at the mall. I know that my parents are very disappointed about him, even though I do not directly hear it from them, that is why I really strive hard to be on the top of my class, and eventually work on a marketing company. I just want them to feel that I do not take all their hard work for granted and I want to give them my diploma as a gift in the future.

I have not seen my best friend, Cheryl for a while and she did not even wonder for a second because she knows that I am studying. It is either I am buried with books at the library on in my room writing some papers or doing some light reading. She gave me a call and asked about where I am. I told her that I am in a coffee shop and she is surprised because she thought that I am on a date. I told her that I just need my daily caffeine fix, so I could study more. She laughed at me and she told me that she would drop by my room later around at eight in the evening.

When I am having my dinner, I heard a knock on my door and I know that it is Cheryl. I opened the door and she noticed that I have been being addicted to caffeine. I told her that I am not drinking coffee and she pointed at my soda cans. I told her that drinking sodas and coffee helps me study more. She mentioned that it is also loaded with caffeine like tea and coffee. She added that I should drink water instead because it could lead to a urinary tract infection or kidney stones. I am surprised about what she said. I already had UTI back then it was not a good experience. I asked her about what do kidney stones feel like because I know that her mom had it a few years ago. She shared that her mom had a very painful urination and some occasional blood in her urine. I am shocked about what I heard and I told her that I should drink more water. She asked me if I am having trouble urinating and if I am, I should get myself a consult immediately, as I do not want a kidney stone to grow bigger because it would need surgery as the only option for treatment.