My Baby Zoey

I just love my Shih-Tzu Zoey. She is the love of my life and I always treat her as my baby. For the past few weeks, I have been dealing with a lot of stress about school, so I somewhat neglected her. Whenever I come home, I just choose to rest around the house. It has been a while since I groomed her. I normally do the grooming, but I am really stressed out, so I planned to bring her along to a grooming station for them to clip her nails and trim her hair.

Zoey seems to be so excited when I got her leash. It meant for her that we are finally going out for a stroll. We went directly to the grooming shop and they asked me if she has been scratching herself lately, because she has loss of hair around her ears and body. I told them that I only have time to see her on weekends and I do not think that my parents saw her scratching because they would have told me about it. When they finally trimmed her hair, I finally saw what they are talking about and there are lots of hair loss especially around her ears and neck. They suggested that I bring her to a veterinarian because she requires further attention.

I called Cheryl and asked her about the location of the veterinarian that she knows. She told me that the clinic is just near her place and she could come along with me if I want to. I told her that I would pick her up after Zoey’s grooming is finished. In a matter of minutes, Zoey finally is done with her grooming and we are set to go to the veterinarian’s clinic.

I picked Cheryl at his house and she directed me on how to go to the clinic. She noticed that Zoey has lots of hair loss and she thinks that it is a yeast allergy because it also happened to their pet dog. She also loves dogs as she has two, a mixed poodle and a dachshund. She shared that she often brings her pets to Dr. Barnes and he is very good in dealing with pets. I parked in front of the clinic and we went inside to inquire if they have a slot for Zoey. Fortunately, there is a lone slot in thirty minutes so we decided to wait in the waiting area.

Finally, we were let in by the secretary. Dr. Barnes is surprised to see Cheryl again because she just came in last week for her dogs’ monthly check-up. I told the doctor about what happened to Zoey and he carefully examined her ears and skin. He told me that my dog acquired a condition called yeast allergy, similar to what was mention here. He added that it has been rampant lately and it is because of the cheap dog food in the market, which gives off corn allergy symptoms. He advised me to change to a better brand of dog food to avoid such a condition. He also prescribed Zoey with some pills to prevent further itching.


The Effects of Studying Too Much

My friends are right when they told me that I have been really serious about my studies as I use to prevent peeing when I am studying. It caused me to have a urinary tract infection or UTI. I told my best friend that I have a problem peeing because it hurts so much. I even added that my pee is a bit cloudy. My best friend told me that she also used to have that kind of symptoms and she had a UTI. She advised me to go for a consult to a doctor to be sure. She offered to accompany me tomorrow, but I know that she has a class, so I told her that I could go on my own. She asked me if I am sure about my decision and I nodded.

I went to the hospital nearby our school and saw a doctor. The doctor is so nice to me. Her name is Dr. Winters and she asked me about what brings me to her clinic. I told her that I have trouble peeing because whenever I have an urge, I do not go to the bathroom and instead, I just ignore it and just go on with studying for hours. I added that when I wanted to pee, I do not pee freely as I used to. I also encounter some pain when peeing. She asked me about my major and I told her that I major in Marketing. She told me that I should not worry so much because a week’s worth of antibiotics would cure me fast. She also advised me to drink lots of water to help my body get rid of the toxins. She added that I should refrain from drinking any caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee and sodas because it causes dehydration and it would counter the effects of drinking water. I came back to school and told my best friend about what the doctor prescribed me.

I took the medicine three times a day and during the third day, I noticed that I have a funny metal taste in mouth. I thought that if I am just going to ignore it, it would go away, but it did not. My best friend thought that it might be a side effect of the medicine that I am taking, so we got a MIMS book and she is right. I called Dr. Winters and asked her about what to do about the side effects. She told me that it would go away after I finished taking the course of my antibiotics. In the meantime, she suggested that I just brush my teeth and scrape my tongue after I take my medicines. She added that I could also use a mouthwash for better results. Before I drop the call, she asked me about if I also experience a sweet taste in mouth and I told her no. She explained that antibiotics, sometimes causes dysgeusia, which is an impaired taste when taking antibiotics. She assured me that it would go away gradually and that made me feel relieved.



One of the reasons that I have not gotten back into the dating scene for over four years is because that I had a bad experience with a very controlling boyfriend. His name is Charlie and he used to be so nice, generous and protective of me. We started out well as a couple, but there was a time that he became so annoying and irritating that every minute of the day, he always asks me about my location and what am I doing. At first, I find it very cute because I thought that he just cares and misses me that much, but I thought wrong. I could not believe that he did not even want me to go and get dinner out with my parents and friends. My best friend Cheryl told me that if he really loves me that much, he should not smother me with so much love. Instead, he should have set me free and let me grow as a person. She added that Charlie must have the lowest self-esteem ever because he seems very easily jealous when he learns that I talked to some random guy who approached me and just asked me for the time.

I really loved Charlie so much, but I could not function well in such a suffocating environment. I thought that I could endure his flaws, but I was fed up. We lasted for about eight months and we have not seen each other since we broke up. I was the one who initiated the breakup and I know that he is very mad at me as he was thinking that I am dating another guy. It was really hard to accept it, but I do not have a choice and move on.

I was so depressed about the breakup, but my best friend Cheryl told me that how to get over someone that crazy would not be much of a problem because there are more guys better than him. Cheryl did not really like Charlie from the start. I asked her why, but she did not know. She added that she just had an intuition that something is wrong about him and she is right. She added that she has many friends who has a crush on me. She even showed me some pictures of them and they do not look bad at all. It is just that do not want to date anyone that time.

I just love my best friend because she is so patient with me in helping me move on. She tried to set me up on dates, but I did not go very well because I am not interested to go on another relationship that could fail. Cheryl reminded me that Charlie is not the best boyfriend on Earth and I should not use him, as a basis to hate boys. I told her that I know where she is coming from and I added that I just need time to assess my life and my thoughts.


A Not So Fun Weekend

It is already a weekend and I am very excited to go home to see my parents and my very lovable dog Zoey. Cheryl drove her car and she offered to drop me at home. I am surprised because there are a lot of people on our street and it is very unusual because we live in a pretty, normal and peaceful neighborhood. We also heard sirens and that got me worried because I thought about my dad who has a hypertension. A roadblock is placed before my home, so Cheryl and I parked down the curve. I ran into our home and I saw my dad on a stretcher. My mom is panicking and she is so relieved that I am finally home and having a company would make her see things clearly. I tried to pacify her by telling her that I am already here and everything will be all right.

My mom told me that my dad experienced some pain in right arm last night and he just ignored it. He said that it was nothing as just might have over exerted himself about doing the chores around the house. Moreover, this morning, he then experienced a sudden numbness in left arm and he was seizing. Fortunately, my mom had a visitor and she called 911 for help. My mom is not good with these kinds of situations because she could not think clearly at times of emergency. My mom is crying, so I just hugged and assured her that dad is going to be okay.

We rode the ambulance and we accompanied my dad going to the hospital. It was so surreal, as I thought that I am just dreaming about it, so I pinched myself hard and I told myself to get a grip because I know that my mom is counting on me to be her rock. Cheryl called and she told me that she is going to follow us in the hospital and I thanked her for always being here to support my family and me. The paramedic who aided my dad told us that he has an elevated blood pressure at 190/120mmHg. He asked us if he is taking his maintenance drugs for hypertension and my mom does not have an idea because my dad hates it when my mom meddles with her heart medicines. She added that my dad has been having lots of headaches and sudden mood changes for the past few days.

After just a few minutes, we arrived at the hospital and they put my dad in the ER. They asked us to wait in the lobby where I met with Cheryl. I am trying to be strong for my mom, but when I saw my best friend, I could not help crying. She hugged me and she told me that my dad is going to be all right. After a few minutes, a doctor came out and he told my mom that my dad just had a mild stroke. He suggested that we confine my dad for a few days, so they could give him proper tests and care.


Not a Simple Cough

My grandfather died of cancer recently and it pains me that he is already gone. I used to be close to him, but when I started studying college, we drifted apart. The last time that I saw my grandpa was last year when he visited us for a summer vacation. He told me that he misses us, so he came and he planned to stay the whole summer. That last summer that I spent with him is the most memorable of all because we have relived our younger days together. When I was younger, I used to go on a summer vacation in his home. I really love it there because his house is just beside a lake and he taught me how to fish, how to row a boat and swim.

A few months ago, my dad received a call from his mom and she told him about my grandfather’s chronic coughing. She added that he has been taking lots of cough medicines and nothing happens. My dad told his mom that he is going there first thing in the morning to accompany them to the hospital for a check-up. During that time, I was in school and my dad told me about my grandfather’s condition. I really wanted to come with them, but my dad told me that he would handle it. He added that I could visit my grandfather this weekend if I want to.

My dad came down to their old house and he was teary-eyed when he saw what his dad was experiencing. He told his dad that he needed to get a consult and his dad agreed. My grandfather undergone a series of tests and they were told by the doctor that it could be bronchitis vs. pneumonia, but they still need more time to determine which is which. After a few hours, the doctor already confirmed that he has bronchitis. My grandfather was prescribed with many bronchitis remedies that did not work. My dad had a talk with his parents and he wanted to get a second opinion with other doctors to be sure about the condition of his dad.

They went to this better hospital with better doctors and they found out that he indeed has a bronchitis, but it is just a symptom of a much larger disease. I did not know what to think back then when my dad called me and he told me that my grandfather has a stage 4, lung cancer. He was going to tell me that he is terminally ill and I asked him to stop because I already know what is going to happen.

I told my dad that I am going to come home and see my grandpa for the last time. He was just speechless because he did not know what to do back then. I was so fortunate that I caught my grandpa still breathing because in just a few hours, he had his last breath. My mom knew what my dad was going through so she was the one who fixed the funeral arrangements.


My Kind of Vacation

It is already spring break and while all my classmates and friends are spending their time at the beach; I am taking good care of my dog Zoey and taking him for a walk every day. I really need to do this because I have not had the time the past few months because I am always studying because I want to keep my spot on the top of my class. I also plan to bring my dog to his veterinarian for her monthly examination to be sure that she is always on a perfectly good condition. I am just contented that I am home with my dog and my family.

During breakfast, my mom asked me about what are my friends doing this spring break and I told her that they are on the beach, surfing and swimming. She suggested that I should go with Cheryl and our friends. She also asked me why I did not go with them and I told her I do not want to go with them because I want to spend more time with them because I miss them so much. I also told her that I miss her cooking so much because I am so tired of eating fast food at school. My mom and I hugged and she asked me what I want for dinner later.

Our conversation is interrupted by a phone call. My mom told me that she’s going outside to get our mail. I checked my phone and saw Cheryl’s name flashing on the screen. I answered my phone and I asked Cheryl why she is calling me because I know that she must be having so much fun at the beach. She said that she called me to ask if I know any home remedies for sunburn because her boyfriend is burnt on his arms and back. I asked her about why she would want home remedies when they could just buy a burn ointment cream at a pharmacy. She explained that there are no pharmacies near the beach area. I told her that I will ask my mom outside and I would call her once I get the information.

I went outside and I saw my mom chatting with her friend Lily. I walked towards my mom and told her about what Cheryl was asking. My mom told me that vinegar for sunburn is very good because it has antibiotic properties. Her friend joined our conversation and she told me that aloe vera is also good. They both told me that Cheryl’s boyfriend should just apply it on the affected area like any other cream and he would feel that it is very soothing to the skin. My mom and her friend laughed when they told me that it would just not smell good and I agreed.

I went back inside our home and called Cheryl. I told her about the vinegar and the aloe vera and she asked me if I am serious. I joked and told her if she wants to speak with my mom. She told me to thank my mom for her and she also added that she would be back in two days to see me.


Happy and Contented

I enjoy my life because I am very contented about what I do. During weekdays, I go to school to finish my marketing course. I am currently living in a boarding school because I find it more convenient, as our home is two hours away from school. I am very serious about my studies because I have high expectations about myself. I also do not want to fail my parents who have worked so much to put me in a very good school. Some of my friends are telling me that I should not be too serious because I could be burnt out easily with my routine. I told them that I could manage it because I also make time for myself to relax. On the other hand, during weekends, I go home to my parents’ house. I spend most of my time pampering myself and my dog named Zoey. Every weekend, I see to it that she is always well groomed, bathed and well fed. I also make time to bond with my parents as I often help them with household chores like cleaning and cooking.

Every weekend morning, I bring Zoey around our neighborhood. When I have enough time, I even let her run around for hours at the dog park near our home. Unfortunately, I just had a sprained foot last Wednesday and I do not think that I could bring Zoey outside this coming weekend. My left foot is still swollen because I forgot to ice it right after I injured my foot. My mom is surprised when I got home from school and she saw me limping on the way to the kitchen. She asked me about what happened and I told her that I was busy talking to someone on the phone. Then, I accidentally stepped on someone’s foot and here is what happened. My mom reminded me to be more careful next time. She even teased me that maybe; I was talking with a boy on the phone that is why I was so preoccupied that time. She advised me to just sit and elevate my foot for a better blood circulation. She also gave me some pain pills for the pain.

I just sat all day on our comfortable couch and elevated my foot, while I am watching TV with Zoey. After a few hours, I found myself with tingling feet. I told my mom about it because I am worried that it could be connected with my sprain. She told me that I should worry so much. She suggested that I walk it off and stretch my body for a while and then the tingling will be gone and she is right.

During dinner, my parents asked me about what is going on with school and I told them that it is going great. I shared that I am planning to run for presidency on our student council and they support me all the way. They even offered to help me with my platform and I welcome their opinions and suggestions.


The Perfect Gift

I met Justin when Cheryl and I were hanging out in a club. We were just dancing and drinking the night away and then someone asked me if I could dance with him for a while. He politely introduced himself as Justin. Cheryl is very surprised that I let someone dance with me because she knows that I am not looking for a relationship. I am surprised too because I had a very good time with him. He politely asked for my number and it started from there. We talked on the phone every night and I got to know him well and his intentions for me.

Finally, I met someone who would love me for who I am, someone who would let me grow, but at the same time, would always protect me from harm. Justin really completes me. I just love how he is always there when I need him most. We have been dating for almost two months and it is very refreshing to have someone to hold onto when I feel lonely other than my best friend. Cheryl told me that he likes the guy because she has a gut feeling that he is the guy who would marry me in time. She also wishes me the best and hopes that my happiness would last forever. I told her that I also wish that the thing that we currently have is for keeps.

It is my birthday next week and Justin asked my best friend Cheryl about what gift to give me. She hinted that I would want a cuddly pet, but he could not give me a dog because I do not have much space in my room. Justin told her that he is going to browse the nearby pet shop later and he would try to get me something special. She told him that she wishes him good luck because I could be sometimes picky with pets.

Justin went to the pet shop and he was overwhelmed about the wide array of choices of pets that they are selling. He tried to focus about what to get me that fits my personality. He then saw some lionhead bunnies in cages and they seem so lovable and cuddly. He thought that it is going to be the perfect pet for me as they are also not high maintenance. He asked the sales clerk about bunny facts, so he would know about how to take care of them properly. The sales clerk told him that they just need fresh water and slices of veggies every day. He mentioned that he also could give him occasional fruits as treats. He added that they need exercise from time to time, but they aren’t like dogs who need constant exercise and care.

Justin told my best friend about the gift that he bought me and she is so excited because she is sure that I would love to have some bunnies and she is right. When I got the bunnies, I am really touched because he tried his best to get me something that I really want.


Time to Relax

Stress is really taking a toll on me and I just find myself always scratching my head. In just a few weeks, I found out that I developed lesions and scabs on scalp. I am a bit worried because it does not look good and it smells gross. I called Cheryl and I told her about what happened to my scalp. She instructed me to calm down because stressing about it would not help me a thing. She said that she is going to come over later to see my scalp and she would also bring me some medicines to cure it. As I am thanking her for always being there to help, she reminded me to not to be so serious about my studies and I need to relax from time to time. I agree that I have to relax more because when I am studying, I am so into it, that I often forget about the time and it makes me skip some meals.

scalp folliculitisIn a few hours, Cheryl finally came and she brought me an antibiotic ointment cream and a hydrogen peroxide to clean my scalp. She told me that I have to clean my scalp before I apply the ointment on the affected area. I asked her about why she has those medicines. I told her that she does not have to buy one for me, so I asked her about how much it costs her. She told me not to worry about it because for the past few months, she has been treating her scalp folliculitis. She added that she is okay now, so I could have all her medicines. I am not aware that she had a problem with her scalp, so I asked her what caused her such a condition. She told me that she had an accident where she had a small cut on her head and she did not disinfect it. She added that she just ignored it because it was just a small cut and then after a week, it swelled and it had lots of pus in it. She went to the doctor for a consult and the doctor told her that she has a folliculitis on her head. The doctor reminded her that next time, she should not ignore small cuts like that because it would cause an infection if not treated properly. The doctor prescribed her the antibiotic cream and the hydrogen peroxide, which she passed on to me.

After helping me treat my scalp, Cheryl asked me if I have plans later because she wants to get a drink because it has been a while since we went for a girl’s night out. I told her that I am supposed to study in a while, but since she said that I needed to lighten up and enjoy my life more, I told her that I could postpone my studying tomorrow and have a grand time with her later. We are so excited about where we are going later and I am sure that we will have lots of fun.