Our Own Zoo

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We have a full pledged zoo in our house and I am enjoying every minute of it. The last time I counted, we had about seventeen parakeets, two dogs, two cats, four turtles, and about eight rabbits, with many on the way, as two of the three does are currently pregnant and expecting.

We also have plans of buying ourselves a new aquarium, probably a big one, so that the turtles can swim in it too and not always swim in a puddle in our backyard. And as if that wasn’t enough, I also have got my eye on a couple of hedgehogs for my room, but I think my personal dog would not approve of it, so maybe that will count as a plan of sorts for the future.

If our land was much bigger than it is now, I think we could have gone for more animals and really build it up as a zoo of some sort. Well I guess that’s just the way we love animals. Imagine waking up to the chirping of the parakeets, which is located near my window, and you know that you are already set up for the entire day.

I don’t know why it is this way with our family. My parents started this thing with just a couple of parakeets when they were just married and built up from it, and kept on going until now. Maybe they just loved animals, a thing that they passed unto us their children. Now we are relatively in charge of everything, from what animals to care for and how to care for them.

Of course it has its own share of problems associated with it and some of it even very hard to fathom. Just imagine feeding all of them every day and you will know the very humongous logistics that are involved in this undertaking. That is just the feeding of the animals, which usually happens twice a day, and then there is the cleaning of their wastes afterwards, which I do not want to talk about at all.

Bathing and cleaning of the animals is another thing. I seem to perpetually have fingernails peeling from all the washing and bathing that I have been doing for the longest time. I’m not one to complain as I rather love doing it. Makes me bond more with the animals from doing so and everyone is benefited from it, they get clean and happy from all the attention and the same goes for me.

I think the weirdest thing that I got from caring for all of them, was a finger sprain when I tried to catch a sick parakeet inside its cage. You know they fly a lot, so when I get to grab it, it was gone. I was left holding the cage rather awkwardly hence the injury. But that is just an aberration to the otherwise trouble-free operation that we have going.

I know it seems impossible to have to care for so many animals at the same time, but once you get to know how to do it, then everything is as easy as pie. It takes a certain kind of family to get to do it and I am very much thankful that it is ours who does.