Not a Simple Cough

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My grandfather died of cancer recently and it pains me that he is already gone. I used to be close to him, but when I started studying college, we drifted apart. The last time that I saw my grandpa was last year when he visited us for a summer vacation. He told me that he misses us, so he came and he planned to stay the whole summer. That last summer that I spent with him is the most memorable of all because we have relived our younger days together. When I was younger, I used to go on a summer vacation in his home. I really love it there because his house is just beside a lake and he taught me how to fish, how to row a boat and swim.

A few months ago, my dad received a call from his mom and she told him about my grandfather’s chronic coughing. She added that he has been taking lots of cough medicines and nothing happens. My dad told his mom that he is going there first thing in the morning to accompany them to the hospital for a check-up. During that time, I was in school and my dad told me about my grandfather’s condition. I really wanted to come with them, but my dad told me that he would handle it. He added that I could visit my grandfather this weekend if I want to.

My dad came down to their old house and he was teary-eyed when he saw what his dad was experiencing. He told his dad that he needed to get a consult and his dad agreed. My grandfather undergone a series of tests and they were told by the doctor that it could be bronchitis vs. pneumonia, but they still need more time to determine which is which. After a few hours, the doctor already confirmed that he has bronchitis. My grandfather was prescribed with many bronchitis remedies that did not work. My dad had a talk with his parents and he wanted to get a second opinion with other doctors to be sure about the condition of his dad.

They went to this better hospital with better doctors and they found out that he indeed has a bronchitis, but it is just a symptom of a much larger disease. I did not know what to think back then when my dad called me and he told me that my grandfather has a stage 4, lung cancer. He was going to tell me that he is terminally ill and I asked him to stop because I already know what is going to happen.

I told my dad that I am going to come home and see my grandpa for the last time. He was just speechless because he did not know what to do back then. I was so fortunate that I caught my grandpa still breathing because in just a few hours, he had his last breath. My mom knew what my dad was going through so she was the one who fixed the funeral arrangements.