My Kind of Vacation

Like Us

It is already spring break and while all my classmates and friends are spending their time at the beach; I am taking good care of my dog Zoey and taking him for a walk every day. I really need to do this because I have not had the time the past few months because I am always studying because I want to keep my spot on the top of my class. I also plan to bring my dog to his veterinarian for her monthly examination to be sure that she is always on a perfectly good condition. I am just contented that I am home with my dog and my family.

During breakfast, my mom asked me about what are my friends doing this spring break and I told her that they are on the beach, surfing and swimming. She suggested that I should go with Cheryl and our friends. She also asked me why I did not go with them and I told her I do not want to go with them because I want to spend more time with them because I miss them so much. I also told her that I miss her cooking so much because I am so tired of eating fast food at school. My mom and I hugged and she asked me what I want for dinner later.

Our conversation is interrupted by a phone call. My mom told me that she’s going outside to get our mail. I checked my phone and saw Cheryl’s name flashing on the screen. I answered my phone and I asked Cheryl why she is calling me because I know that she must be having so much fun at the beach. She said that she called me to ask if I know any home remedies for sunburn because her boyfriend is burnt on his arms and back. I asked her about why she would want home remedies when they could just buy a burn ointment cream at a pharmacy. She explained that there are no pharmacies near the beach area. I told her that I will ask my mom outside and I would call her once I get the information.

I went outside and I saw my mom chatting with her friend Lily. I walked towards my mom and told her about what Cheryl was asking. My mom told me that vinegar for sunburn is very good because it has antibiotic properties. Her friend joined our conversation and she told me that aloe vera is also good. They both told me that Cheryl’s boyfriend should just apply it on the affected area like any other cream and he would feel that it is very soothing to the skin. My mom and her friend laughed when they told me that it would just not smell good and I agreed.

I went back inside our home and called Cheryl. I told her about the vinegar and the aloe vera and she asked me if I am serious. I joked and told her if she wants to speak with my mom. She told me to thank my mom for her and she also added that she would be back in two days to see me.