My Baby Zoey

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I just love my Shih-Tzu Zoey. She is the love of my life and I always treat her as my baby. For the past few weeks, I have been dealing with a lot of stress about school, so I somewhat neglected her. Whenever I come home, I just choose to rest around the house. It has been a while since I groomed her. I normally do the grooming, but I am really stressed out, so I planned to bring her along to a grooming station for them to clip her nails and trim her hair.

Zoey seems to be so excited when I got her leash. It meant for her that we are finally going out for a stroll. We went directly to the grooming shop and they asked me if she has been scratching herself lately, because she has loss of hair around her ears and body. I told them that I only have time to see her on weekends and I do not think that my parents saw her scratching because they would have told me about it. When they finally trimmed her hair, I finally saw what they are talking about and there are lots of hair loss especially around her ears and neck. They suggested that I bring her to a veterinarian because she requires further attention.

I called Cheryl and asked her about the location of the veterinarian that she knows. She told me that the clinic is just near her place and she could come along with me if I want to. I told her that I would pick her up after Zoey’s grooming is finished. In a matter of minutes, Zoey finally is done with her grooming and we are set to go to the veterinarian’s clinic.

I picked Cheryl at his house and she directed me on how to go to the clinic. She noticed that Zoey has lots of hair loss and she thinks that it is a yeast allergy because it also happened to their pet dog. She also loves dogs as she has two, a mixed poodle and a dachshund. She shared that she often brings her pets to Dr. Barnes and he is very good in dealing with pets. I parked in front of the clinic and we went inside to inquire if they have a slot for Zoey. Fortunately, there is a lone slot in thirty minutes so we decided to wait in the waiting area.

Finally, we were let in by the secretary. Dr. Barnes is surprised to see Cheryl again because she just came in last week for her dogs’ monthly check-up. I told the doctor about what happened to Zoey and he carefully examined her ears and skin. He told me that my dog acquired a condition called yeast allergy, similar to what was mention here. He added that it has been rampant lately and it is because of the cheap dog food in the market, which gives off corn allergy symptoms. He advised me to change to a better brand of dog food to avoid such a condition. He also prescribed Zoey with some pills to prevent further itching.