Happy and Contented

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I enjoy my life because I am very contented about what I do. During weekdays, I go to school to finish my marketing course. I am currently living in a boarding school because I find it more convenient, as our home is two hours away from school. I am very serious about my studies because I have high expectations about myself. I also do not want to fail my parents who have worked so much to put me in a very good school. Some of my friends are telling me that I should not be too serious because I could be burnt out easily with my routine. I told them that I could manage it because I also make time for myself to relax. On the other hand, during weekends, I go home to my parents’ house. I spend most of my time pampering myself and my dog named Zoey. Every weekend, I see to it that she is always well groomed, bathed and well fed. I also make time to bond with my parents as I often help them with household chores like cleaning and cooking.

Every weekend morning, I bring Zoey around our neighborhood. When I have enough time, I even let her run around for hours at the dog park near our home. Unfortunately, I just had a sprained foot last Wednesday and I do not think that I could bring Zoey outside this coming weekend. My left foot is still swollen because I forgot to ice it right after I injured my foot. My mom is surprised when I got home from school and she saw me limping on the way to the kitchen. She asked me about what happened and I told her that I was busy talking to someone on the phone. Then, I accidentally stepped on someone’s foot and here is what happened. My mom reminded me to be more careful next time. She even teased me that maybe; I was talking with a boy on the phone that is why I was so preoccupied that time. She advised me to just sit and elevate my foot for a better blood circulation. She also gave me some pain pills for the pain.

I just sat all day on our comfortable couch and elevated my foot, while I am watching TV with Zoey. After a few hours, I found myself with tingling feet. I told my mom about it because I am worried that it could be connected with my sprain. She told me that I should worry so much. She suggested that I walk it off and stretch my body for a while and then the tingling will be gone and she is right.

During dinner, my parents asked me about what is going on with school and I told them that it is going great. I shared that I am planning to run for presidency on our student council and they support me all the way. They even offered to help me with my platform and I welcome their opinions and suggestions.