Grade Anomalies

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I am really trying my very best to stay on top of my class, so I always study even though I am getting headaches when reading. That is how dedicated I am towards my studies. I am just so surprised that my classmate, Francis got on top of our class and he seems to be not studying at all. I am not the only one who is surprised because most of my classmates told me that I should still be on top because they know that I always strive hard to do better. They added that there are rumors that Francis and our professor are in a secret relationship. I am so bothered about what I have heard and about what happened. My classmates said that once they have proof, they would report it to the dean’s office.

I admit that Francis also has a bright mind and is very intelligent, but I do not think that he deserves to be on the top of our class because he has a failed subject. I am sure that there is an anomaly here, but I do not know what to do about it. I told Cheryl about what happened and I could not even finish my story because I cried. She hugged me and told me that everything is going to be all right. I shared that I have no more will to study anymore since my efforts do not matter as much. She told me not to be so depressed because she knows that something will come up and things will be put into their proper place in time.

I just locked myself in my room for days, as I am very depressed about what happened. My classmates are worried about me because they know why I have been absent in class. Cheryl visited me and I told her that I am very depressed and very frustrated, at the same time. I shared that I am having some occasional anxiety chest pain and I have trouble sleeping every night. She noticed that I have big, dark eye bags and she asked me if I want to have supplements for anxiety because it will help me get proper sleep. I told her that I am too ashamed to be seen going to a psychiatric clinic and she understands my side. She told me that she would find a way to get me some anxiety pills no matter what it takes.

I did not know that Cheryl’s mom used to have marital problems and she subjected to visit a psychiatrist from time to time to help her solve her problems. Sometimes, she goes there just to vent out her feelings and it makes her feel so much better. I only knew all about it when my best friend got me some pills from her mom’s drawer and she told me about her parent’s problems. I thanked her for it, but I asked her if it is safe to use, so we searched on the web about its side effects and we both decided to return the pills to her mom’s drawer. I told her that I should be checked first before I try that kind of medicine.