Class Report

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Cheryl has a minor subject that she hates so much. It is Anatomy and she often rants about what she is dealing with the subject. She said that she is planning to drop it this semester because it is as the same time as her basketball practices. She added that her professor has been on her nerves because he often calls out the attention of the class about her poor grades. Her professor even made her report about bunions and the best shoes for bunions next week. I laughed and asked her if she is serious. She told me that it is going to be a problem because they have a tight basketball schedule this week and she cannot allot time for research. I told Cheryl that I could help her this week because I am already done with my projects and assignments. She hugged and thanked me while telling me that I am her savior. I laughed at her and told her that it would cost her a good dinner.

I started researching about Cheryl’s report right away and I am surprised that there are so many information about it on the web. I compiled a list about the causes, the signs and the symptoms. I also added information about how to treat and how to prevent them. It just took me two hours to finish all of her report and I called my best friend that it is already finished. Now, it just depends on herself if she is going to study about what I compiled for her to be ready for her report. She do not have any idea how to report it and I told her to just discuss what causes bunions and start from there. It took us hours before she could get it right, but I am glad that she almost perfected it. I asked her to read everything that I compiled for her and added that she should ask me questions to clarify the information about it. She is a bit surprised that she understood all of it. I told her that she just does not put much time for the subject because she prioritizes basketball over her minor subject and she agreed about what I said. She even joked that I should stop using high-heeled shoes because it would cause me a bunion or two and we both laughed about with what she said.

Cheryl is so excited about her report and she added that her professor would be so surprised when he gets to hear her report about bunions and I agreed. I added that she should not drop her subject because it make her go over it next year and she does not have a choice. I reminded her about the money that her parents worked hard for and she nodded. Next week came and I was right. Not only that she surprised her professor, but also her whole class, as she got a standing ovation. She told me all about it and thanked me because if not for me, she would have just did not go to class and hang out somewhere.