Like Us

One of the reasons that I have not gotten back into the dating scene for over four years is because that I had a bad experience with a very controlling boyfriend. His name is Charlie and he used to be so nice, generous and protective of me. We started out well as a couple, but there was a time that he became so annoying and irritating that every minute of the day, he always asks me about my location and what am I doing. At first, I find it very cute because I thought that he just cares and misses me that much, but I thought wrong. I could not believe that he did not even want me to go and get dinner out with my parents and friends. My best friend Cheryl told me that if he really loves me that much, he should not smother me with so much love. Instead, he should have set me free and let me grow as a person. She added that Charlie must have the lowest self-esteem ever because he seems very easily jealous when he learns that I talked to some random guy who approached me and just asked me for the time.

I really loved Charlie so much, but I could not function well in such a suffocating environment. I thought that I could endure his flaws, but I was fed up. We lasted for about eight months and we have not seen each other since we broke up. I was the one who initiated the breakup and I know that he is very mad at me as he was thinking that I am dating another guy. It was really hard to accept it, but I do not have a choice and move on.

I was so depressed about the breakup, but my best friend Cheryl told me that how to get over someone that crazy would not be much of a problem because there are more guys better than him. Cheryl did not really like Charlie from the start. I asked her why, but she did not know. She added that she just had an intuition that something is wrong about him and she is right. She added that she has many friends who has a crush on me. She even showed me some pictures of them and they do not look bad at all. It is just that do not want to date anyone that time.

I just love my best friend because she is so patient with me in helping me move on. She tried to set me up on dates, but I did not go very well because I am not interested to go on another relationship that could fail. Cheryl reminded me that Charlie is not the best boyfriend on Earth and I should not use him, as a basis to hate boys. I told her that I know where she is coming from and I added that I just need time to assess my life and my thoughts.