Bonding Time with Dad

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Our class is going to have a field trip next month and it includes fishing. As you all know, I am not the outdoorsy type or person, as I just get out of the house walking my dog outside from time to time to the dog park nearby my parent’s house. I do not have any idea about fishing, so when I went home to see my parents, I asked my dad to teach me about it. He is surprised about what I said and told me that fishing is not just like getting a pictus catfish out from a fish tank and we both laughed about it. He explained that fishing needs a lot of patience. He told me that we could fish the first thing tomorrow morning and I agreed. He asked me to help him ready his gears, as he needs to go to the bait shop to get us some catfish bait, similar to these here. I asked him about why is he getting catfish baits and he told me that it is the season for catching catfishes at the river streams near our house.

My dad got home after an hour and I am so thrilled with what he got for me. He bought me a new fishing rod and I am so ecstatic to use it later. He reminded me that I should be quiet and patient when fishing and I told him that I understand. My dad told my mom that we are going fishing the next day and he invited her to come with us. She told us that she already has plans with a friend, but she is happy that my dad and I will have time to spend more time together. She hinted that she could go fishing with us next week, if I will like what I would experience later and I just smiled.

My dad and I went to the river stream and rented a boat big enough for the two of us. I helped him load up all our gears and we started paddling away. I am surprised that he has a lot of baits like chicken liver, hotdogs, wax, and some artificial fly baits. He explained that we have to use different ones to confuse fishes and get a better catch every time. I looked at my dad and he seems so happy to fish. I asked him about when was the last time that he had gone fishing and he told me that it was a year ago. As he is thanking me for the opportunity to letting him fish again, his cast caught a bite and he reeled it in quickly. I am so happy to see my dad having fun with me. We did not caught as much as we wanted to, but it is the experience of doing something with my dad that made me happy. I know that he is not getting any younger, so I thought to myself that I should spend more time with him and my mom. I am thinking to invite them again fishing next week and I am sure that we will all have a good time.