A Not So Fun Weekend

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It is already a weekend and I am very excited to go home to see my parents and my very lovable dog Zoey. Cheryl drove her car and she offered to drop me at home. I am surprised because there are a lot of people on our street and it is very unusual because we live in a pretty, normal and peaceful neighborhood. We also heard sirens and that got me worried because I thought about my dad who has a hypertension. A roadblock is placed before my home, so Cheryl and I parked down the curve. I ran into our home and I saw my dad on a stretcher. My mom is panicking and she is so relieved that I am finally home and having a company would make her see things clearly. I tried to pacify her by telling her that I am already here and everything will be all right.

My mom told me that my dad experienced some pain in right arm last night and he just ignored it. He said that it was nothing as just might have over exerted himself about doing the chores around the house. Moreover, this morning, he then experienced a sudden numbness in left arm and he was seizing. Fortunately, my mom had a visitor and she called 911 for help. My mom is not good with these kinds of situations because she could not think clearly at times of emergency. My mom is crying, so I just hugged and assured her that dad is going to be okay.

We rode the ambulance and we accompanied my dad going to the hospital. It was so surreal, as I thought that I am just dreaming about it, so I pinched myself hard and I told myself to get a grip because I know that my mom is counting on me to be her rock. Cheryl called and she told me that she is going to follow us in the hospital and I thanked her for always being here to support my family and me. The paramedic who aided my dad told us that he has an elevated blood pressure at 190/120mmHg. He asked us if he is taking his maintenance drugs for hypertension and my mom does not have an idea because my dad hates it when my mom meddles with her heart medicines. She added that my dad has been having lots of headaches and sudden mood changes for the past few days.

After just a few minutes, we arrived at the hospital and they put my dad in the ER. They asked us to wait in the lobby where I met with Cheryl. I am trying to be strong for my mom, but when I saw my best friend, I could not help crying. She hugged me and she told me that my dad is going to be all right. After a few minutes, a doctor came out and he told my mom that my dad just had a mild stroke. He suggested that we confine my dad for a few days, so they could give him proper tests and care.