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Greeting friends! My name is Jamie Hollins. I live in San Diego, California. Currently, I am a college student with a major in Business Administration, Marketing. After graduation, I hope to work for a major health care company to be a Marketing Manager. In the meantime, I am focused on completing my degree in three years. On my free time, I love to hang out with my dog. She is a four year of Shih Tzu.

I love dogs ever since I was a little girl. My family and I is a big fan of animals. I remember at one time, we owned 15 parakeets, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 4 turtles and 6 rabbits all in one household! I guess my love for all types of animals followed me through adulthood. However, I think I am a major dog lover. I think dogs are just cute and very loyal. My precious little Shih Tzu is like my best friend. She follows me everywhere. I spoil her like a kid. I would take her to pet grooming every two weeks. Also, I spoil her with lots of toys, clothes and love. I would often try to get my friends to own a Shih Tzu of their own because I just love this type of dog so much. Since I get a lot of questions about Shih Tzu, I even started my own blog to answer all of the questions. My blog is where I document my life in this digital journal.