Monthly Archives: March 2015

Parents Know Best

The saying that parents always know what is best for their children is true and I have learned it the hard way. My mom and dad are happy that I am taking my studies very seriously, but they also tell me that I should know when to stop and relax. I told both of them not to worry so much about me because I am doing this for me and for them because I want them to be proud of me. My older brother stopped studying college and he is currently working as a sales clerk at the mall. I know that my parents are very disappointed about him, even though I do not directly hear it from them, that is why I really strive hard to be on the top of my class, and eventually work on a marketing company. I just want them to feel that I do not take all their hard work for granted and I want to give them my diploma as a gift in the future.

I have not seen my best friend, Cheryl for a while and she did not even wonder for a second because she knows that I am studying. It is either I am buried with books at the library on in my room writing some papers or doing some light reading. She gave me a call and asked about where I am. I told her that I am in a coffee shop and she is surprised because she thought that I am on a date. I told her that I just need my daily caffeine fix, so I could study more. She laughed at me and she told me that she would drop by my room later around at eight in the evening.

When I am having my dinner, I heard a knock on my door and I know that it is Cheryl. I opened the door and she noticed that I have been being addicted to caffeine. I told her that I am not drinking coffee and she pointed at my soda cans. I told her that drinking sodas and coffee helps me study more. She mentioned that it is also loaded with caffeine like tea and coffee. She added that I should drink water instead because it could lead to a urinary tract infection or kidney stones. I am surprised about what she said. I already had UTI back then it was not a good experience. I asked her about what do kidney stones feel like because I know that her mom had it a few years ago. She shared that her mom had a very painful urination and some occasional blood in her urine. I am shocked about what I heard and I told her that I should drink more water. She asked me if I am having trouble urinating and if I am, I should get myself a consult immediately, as I do not want a kidney stone to grow bigger because it would need surgery as the only option for treatment.


Summer Family Bonding

This summer vacation, I really want to give Zoey the attention that she deserves, so I plan to spend more time with my dog. I spend most of my time sitting and grooming my pet dog. I did not realize that Zoey and I have been sitting on the couch for hours and when I tried to stand up, I have a back pain in the lower left side. My mom saw my facial expression and my limping, so she asked me about what happened to me. I told her that I have been so busy taking care of Zoey that I developed back pain. She laughed at me and she told me that my dad is also suffering back pain, but in a different location. I asked about the location and she told me that my dad has a right side back pain, like the one describe at

My dad had a mild stroke a few months ago and the doctor advised him to take it easy on the house, so he spends most of his day reading books while lying on his bed. I asked my mom if she has some painkillers around because I need it right away. She told me that my dad has many pain relievers on his bedside table, but I should eat first before I take them. She added that pain relievers should be taken with a full stomach and if not, I would suffer a stomach ache. I asked my mom if dad already took his heart medications and pain pills and she told me that he wants to eat first before taking them.

I asked my mom about what time would she be finished cooking and she told me that it would take a long time because she still needs a few things done first before cooking. I told my mom that I could help her and she is delighted that I offered to help. She asked me to peel the carrots and potatoes because she is going to make a stew that my dad loves. On the other hand, my mom is slicing some pork meat, onions and garlic.

Since I do not have much to do, I asked my mom if I could help her cook because I also want to learn how. She smiled and she asked me if I am planning to cook for my new boyfriend. I told her that I do not have a new boyfriend and then she asked me about our neighbor Dan. I blushed a bit and told her that we are just good friends. I helped my mom cooking and she is still asking me about sorts of stuff about Dan. After a few minutes, the kitchen began to smell amazing with mom’s stew. My dad even came out to the kitchen and he is glad to see me learning how to cook with my mom. He asked us about how many minutes until it is going to be cooked because his back is killing him and he needs to take his medicines. I told dad that I have a bad back too. Mom asked me to help her fix the table and she told my dad to watch TV for a while because the meat is still not that tender.