5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is one of the most popular breeds of toy dogs worldwide. According to the American Kennel Club, it is one of the top breeds of dogs with a high number of ownership in the US. You may be wondering what makes them so popular. Here are five reasons why they are popular and why you should get a Shih Tzu as pet:

1. Sociable and friendly

Shih Tzus are generally sociable, friendly and outgoing animals. They can easily get along with other humans and house pets. If trained to socialize while still young, they can grow into well-behaved dogs especially in public. You can also confidently bring them outdoors without the fear of them hurting others especially children. Compared to other toy dogs, they also don’t bark much. Most toy dogs bark at everyone and everything but Shih Tzus normally just bark only when needing attention.

2. Requires little exercise

Shih Tzus are ideal for people who are not very active as they only require little exercise. You could take them for a walk for at least 15 minutes and that is already adequate for their exercise needs. Aside from walking, they have little interest in other physical activities. But of course, they will enjoy a ball game from time to time. Because they are not very active dogs, they also eat less. It could mean that they are less costly to have as pet.


A Few Tips on Proper Shih Tzu Care

For most pet owners Shih Tzu care should not present too much of a problem. Obviously this little dog’s long, often flowing coat is going to require a certain amount of attention, but beyond that it is for the most part an easy pet to care for.

Walk, Yes – Jog, No

The Shih Tzu requires some exercise, most any breed of dog does for that matter, but the amount of exercise the Shih Tzu requires is at best minimal. Just remember while it will be good for the dog to have a daily walk, this is not a pet to take jogging or on long distance hikes. Walking it for about half a mile a day will usually be more than sufficient. If you do a great deal of bicycling however, most Shih Tzu’s will enjoy going along for the ride in a basket.

The Shih Tzu is a sweet and playful by nature. As far as bravery is concerned, it doesn’t seem to realize how small a creature it is. The Shih Tzu has the heart of a lion, which may have something to do with the fact that Shih Tzu in Chinese means ‘lion.’

The Coat Requires Some Attention

As far as its coat is concerned it should be brushed several times a week, with a good brushing or combing about every other day being ideal. Grooming is of course essential if you plan on showing one of these dogs as their coat can get out of hand quickly. If you don’t plan on entering your Shih Tzu in a show you could save yourself a great deal of time if you give it a Teddy Bear cut. Being an indoor dog, the Shih Tzu won’t mind going without a long coat. It might even enjoy not having to play the part of a dust mop. To some, a Shih Tzu with a Teddy Bear cut is a much cuter little dog than one with long, flowing hair.

Most Any Premium Dog Food Will Do

While getting your pet food from the vet can sometimes be more expensive, it is often in the pet’s interest if you rely on your vet to prescribe its diet. It’s not that store-bought pet food is unhealthy; it’s just that some brands or types can be. For the most part, feeding your pet a premium puppy food, whether kibble or canned, should be fine. While this is a small dog, you can feed it adult dog food as long as the kibbles aren’t too large. Treats are fine, but as with any dog they should be kept to a minimum. An overweight dog is an unhealthy one, and sometimes an unhappy one as well.

Keep Food and Water Bowls Clean

One way to prevent health issues from arising is to purchase stainless steel food and water bowls. While plastic bowls will get the job done, they can after time require a greater effort to keep them as clean as they should be. Ceramic bowls are also a good choice. The food bowl should be cleaned between meals, and the water bowl should at least be rinsed out before adding fresh water. Dogs often seem to do better than people where dealing with germs are concerned, but when small pets become ill they can sometimes take a turn for the worse very quickly.

Brushes, Combs, and Toothpaste

As far as grooming is concerned, you’ll want both a brush and a comb. A natural bristle brush is recommended, being a much better choice than one with nylon bristles. As far as the comb is concerned, pay a couple of dollars more if need be and get a stainless steel one. A comb containing both a narrow and a wide tooth size will make grooming easier. Such a comb is sometimes referred to as a Greyhound comb. A mat splitter is another item that should be on your list if you plan to groom your pet yourself. If that’s the case, you’ll want to invest in clippers and scissors.

Consider purchasing a toothbrush and toothpaste as well. Canine toothpaste doesn’t come in peppermint or spearmint flavors. It comes in beef and poultry flavors that most dogs seem to enjoy. Brushing your dog’s teeth is good for it and may save you money in the long run. If you plan to incorporate tooth-brushing into your Shih Tzu care program, start when the dog is still a small puppy. It will like the taste of the toothpaste and will gradually learn to have its teeth cleaned. An older dog may or may not put up a battle.

Insofar as shelter is concerned, it should not be a problem with the Shih Tzu, which is an indoor dog. You may want to invest in a small pet crate, kennel, or carrier for trips, even though one of these little dogs will fit nicely in a shoulder bag.

One final thing. Ask your vet if purchasing moisturizing eye drops or tear stain remover for your pet is recommended. Either one may or may not be necessary. Also ask your vet what type of shampoo he or she would recommend, unless you plan to take your pup to a grooming parlor when it needs a bath.


Parents Know Best

The saying that parents always know what is best for their children is true and I have learned it the hard way. My mom and dad are happy that I am taking my studies very seriously, but they also tell me that I should know when to stop and relax. I told both of them not to worry so much about me because I am doing this for me and for them because I want them to be proud of me. My older brother stopped studying college and he is currently working as a sales clerk at the mall. I know that my parents are very disappointed about him, even though I do not directly hear it from them, that is why I really strive hard to be on the top of my class, and eventually work on a marketing company. I just want them to feel that I do not take all their hard work for granted and I want to give them my diploma as a gift in the future.

I have not seen my best friend, Cheryl for a while and she did not even wonder for a second because she knows that I am studying. It is either I am buried with books at the library on in my room writing some papers or doing some light reading. She gave me a call and asked about where I am. I told her that I am in a coffee shop and she is surprised because she thought that I am on a date. I told her that I just need my daily caffeine fix, so I could study more. She laughed at me and she told me that she would drop by my room later around at eight in the evening.

When I am having my dinner, I heard a knock on my door and I know that it is Cheryl. I opened the door and she noticed that I have been being addicted to caffeine. I told her that I am not drinking coffee and she pointed at my soda cans. I told her that drinking sodas and coffee helps me study more. She mentioned that it is also loaded with caffeine like tea and coffee. She added that I should drink water instead because it could lead to a urinary tract infection or kidney stones. I am surprised about what she said. I already had UTI back then it was not a good experience. I asked her about what do kidney stones feel like because I know that her mom had it a few years ago. She shared that her mom had a very painful urination and some occasional blood in her urine. I am shocked about what I heard and I told her that I should drink more water. She asked me if I am having trouble urinating and if I am, I should get myself a consult immediately, as I do not want a kidney stone to grow bigger because it would need surgery as the only option for treatment.


Summer Family Bonding

This summer vacation, I really want to give Zoey the attention that she deserves, so I plan to spend more time with my dog. I spend most of my time sitting and grooming my pet dog. I did not realize that Zoey and I have been sitting on the couch for hours and when I tried to stand up, I have a back pain in the lower left side. My mom saw my facial expression and my limping, so she asked me about what happened to me. I told her that I have been so busy taking care of Zoey that I developed back pain. She laughed at me and she told me that my dad is also suffering back pain, but in a different location. I asked about the location and she told me that my dad has a right side back pain, like the one describe at www.backpaintypes.net.

My dad had a mild stroke a few months ago and the doctor advised him to take it easy on the house, so he spends most of his day reading books while lying on his bed. I asked my mom if she has some painkillers around because I need it right away. She told me that my dad has many pain relievers on his bedside table, but I should eat first before I take them. She added that pain relievers should be taken with a full stomach and if not, I would suffer a stomach ache. I asked my mom if dad already took his heart medications and pain pills and she told me that he wants to eat first before taking them.

I asked my mom about what time would she be finished cooking and she told me that it would take a long time because she still needs a few things done first before cooking. I told my mom that I could help her and she is delighted that I offered to help. She asked me to peel the carrots and potatoes because she is going to make a stew that my dad loves. On the other hand, my mom is slicing some pork meat, onions and garlic.

Since I do not have much to do, I asked my mom if I could help her cook because I also want to learn how. She smiled and she asked me if I am planning to cook for my new boyfriend. I told her that I do not have a new boyfriend and then she asked me about our neighbor Dan. I blushed a bit and told her that we are just good friends. I helped my mom cooking and she is still asking me about sorts of stuff about Dan. After a few minutes, the kitchen began to smell amazing with mom’s stew. My dad even came out to the kitchen and he is glad to see me learning how to cook with my mom. He asked us about how many minutes until it is going to be cooked because his back is killing him and he needs to take his medicines. I told dad that I have a bad back too. Mom asked me to help her fix the table and she told my dad to watch TV for a while because the meat is still not that tender.



I just hate it when I have breakouts because lately, I am always burning the midnight oil to study. I just envy those people who do not experience breakouts like mine because I am prone to having big nodular acne on my face. Sometimes, it evens comes up with a scalp acne and it is really gross. I told my mom about it and she said that our family is prone with such a condition. She added that I probably got it from my dad’s side, so he is the one to blame and we laughed about it. I told my mom that I plan to go home this weekend and I asked her to come along with me to a dermatologist. She said that there is a new dermatology clinic in town and rumor has it that the owner used to live in our neighborhood. She added that it is maybe the Reeve’s family because she knows that one of their daughters is a skin doctor.

It is finally a weekend and I went home to our house to visit my parents and my dog. My mom asked me about what time are we going to the clinic and I told her that I just needed to rest for a while. She said that she is going out for an errand and it would take her an hour to finish. I asked her where is she going and she told me that she is going to shop at the grocery store because she is planning a good and hearty dinner later.

I just rested for a while and then I called Cheryl. I told her that I am planning to go to a dermatology clinic later. She asked me about which clinic where I am going and I told her that I plan to visit the newly opened one. She warned me against it because she has a friend who had a facial there last week and their staff did not know how to prick whiteheads and blackheads properly, which resulted to unnecessary pain and scars. I thanked her for warning me against the new clinic and I asked her about where I should go. She gave me a number and a location then she told me to tell them that Cheryl referred me. She added that they would take good care of me.

After an hour or so, my mom went home and I told her about what Cheryl said of the new clinic. She agreed that I do not have to take chances whether they have a good or bad service, so we just decided to go to the clinic that my best friend referred me. I called the number that my best friend gave me and asked them if they still have a slot for me this afternoon. I also told the woman on the phone who referred me. She is so delighted to hear Cheryl’s name and she told me that she is a frequent customer on their clinic.


Our Own Zoo

We have a full pledged zoo in our house and I am enjoying every minute of it. The last time I counted, we had about seventeen parakeets, two dogs, two cats, four turtles, and about eight rabbits, with many on the way, as two of the three does are currently pregnant and expecting.

We also have plans of buying ourselves a new aquarium, probably a big one, so that the turtles can swim in it too and not always swim in a puddle in our backyard. And as if that wasn’t enough, I also have got my eye on a couple of hedgehogs for my room, but I think my personal dog would not approve of it, so maybe that will count as a plan of sorts for the future.

If our land was much bigger than it is now, I think we could have gone for more animals and really build it up as a zoo of some sort. Well I guess that’s just the way we love animals. Imagine waking up to the chirping of the parakeets, which is located near my window, and you know that you are already set up for the entire day.

I don’t know why it is this way with our family. My parents started this thing with just a couple of parakeets when they were just married and built up from it, and kept on going until now. Maybe they just loved animals, a thing that they passed unto us their children. Now we are relatively in charge of everything, from what animals to care for and how to care for them.

Of course it has its own share of problems associated with it and some of it even very hard to fathom. Just imagine feeding all of them every day and you will know the very humongous logistics that are involved in this undertaking. That is just the feeding of the animals, which usually happens twice a day, and then there is the cleaning of their wastes afterwards, which I do not want to talk about at all.

Bathing and cleaning of the animals is another thing. I seem to perpetually have fingernails peeling from all the washing and bathing that I have been doing for the longest time. I’m not one to complain as I rather love doing it. Makes me bond more with the animals from doing so and everyone is benefited from it, they get clean and happy from all the attention and the same goes for me.

I think the weirdest thing that I got from caring for all of them, was a finger sprain when I tried to catch a sick parakeet inside its cage. You know they fly a lot, so when I get to grab it, it was gone. I was left holding the cage rather awkwardly hence the injury. But that is just an aberration to the otherwise trouble-free operation that we have going.

I know it seems impossible to have to care for so many animals at the same time, but once you get to know how to do it, then everything is as easy as pie. It takes a certain kind of family to get to do it and I am very much thankful that it is ours who does.


Grade Anomalies

I am really trying my very best to stay on top of my class, so I always study even though I am getting headaches when reading. That is how dedicated I am towards my studies. I am just so surprised that my classmate, Francis got on top of our class and he seems to be not studying at all. I am not the only one who is surprised because most of my classmates told me that I should still be on top because they know that I always strive hard to do better. They added that there are rumors that Francis and our professor are in a secret relationship. I am so bothered about what I have heard and about what happened. My classmates said that once they have proof, they would report it to the dean’s office.

I admit that Francis also has a bright mind and is very intelligent, but I do not think that he deserves to be on the top of our class because he has a failed subject. I am sure that there is an anomaly here, but I do not know what to do about it. I told Cheryl about what happened and I could not even finish my story because I cried. She hugged me and told me that everything is going to be all right. I shared that I have no more will to study anymore since my efforts do not matter as much. She told me not to be so depressed because she knows that something will come up and things will be put into their proper place in time.

I just locked myself in my room for days, as I am very depressed about what happened. My classmates are worried about me because they know why I have been absent in class. Cheryl visited me and I told her that I am very depressed and very frustrated, at the same time. I shared that I am having some occasional anxiety chest pain and I have trouble sleeping every night. She noticed that I have big, dark eye bags and she asked me if I want to have supplements for anxiety because it will help me get proper sleep. I told her that I am too ashamed to be seen going to a psychiatric clinic and she understands my side. She told me that she would find a way to get me some anxiety pills no matter what it takes.

I did not know that Cheryl’s mom used to have marital problems and she subjected to visit a psychiatrist from time to time to help her solve her problems. Sometimes, she goes there just to vent out her feelings and it makes her feel so much better. I only knew all about it when my best friend got me some pills from her mom’s drawer and she told me about her parent’s problems. I thanked her for it, but I asked her if it is safe to use, so we searched on the web about its side effects and we both decided to return the pills to her mom’s drawer. I told her that I should be checked first before I try that kind of medicine.


Unorthodox Dating

I am very fortunate enough to have a very loving family, but it is the complete opposite when it comes to love and relationships. I have not been in one for over four years. I have many failed relationships and my mom thinks that I’ve already given up on finding my perfect match. I told my mom that it is not like that. It’s just that when I plan to be in a new relationship, I want him to be my last. My friends tell me that I am picky, but I think that it is my right not to just settle when someone comes along.

As I am browsing the internet, I have read about Myer Briggs Type indicator test and I am curious about how it works. I spent an hour reading about it and I found out that infj relationships are very compatible with infp relationships. I belong to the INFJ side and what I want to do is find someone who is on the INFP side.

I told my best friend Cheryl about my plan and she laughed at me because she thinks that I am just kidding. I told her that I am serious about finding an INFP guy because I want to test if the indicator test works. I shared with my best friend that an INFJ person like me is very gentle and caring, but at the same time, I am also very complex, artistic and creative as I often find myself doodling on a piece of paper when I don’t have anything to do. The only thing that is the downside about me it that I tend to sometimes be stubborn about things and I also have strong instincts that sometimes, I tend to ignore someone else’s opinions. To make it short, I have a very strong personality. My best friend told me that it’s going to hard to find myself a mate if I will not try to lower my expectations about other people. I told her that it is the reason why I want to try the compatibility of my type to infp’s. She is still a little bit reluctant about the idea, but she told me that she would support me all the way, because we are best friends and I am very happy about that. The only problem that we encountered is that how can we filter out guys with infp types.

Cheryl and I thought about it long and hard and then we came up with a plan. We are going to filter the guys that she wants to match up with me by looking at their social media accounts. We both know that it’s going to be hard, but I know that it’s going to be worth it. We are going to base it by looking at their posts, and we will start from there. As we are browsing the accounts, I like this guy named Brent because he looks nice and he seems to have an INFP type because of the way he posts. He seems to be very thoughtful and considerate to others, which would be perfect for me, as he could tolerate my occasional stubbornness. My best friend told me that Brent is her sister’s friend and she would try to put him on a blind date with me this weekend.


Bonding Time with Dad

Our class is going to have a field trip next month and it includes fishing. As you all know, I am not the outdoorsy type or person, as I just get out of the house walking my dog outside from time to time to the dog park nearby my parent’s house. I do not have any idea about fishing, so when I went home to see my parents, I asked my dad to teach me about it. He is surprised about what I said and told me that fishing is not just like getting a pictus catfish out from a fish tank and we both laughed about it. He explained that fishing needs a lot of patience. He told me that we could fish the first thing tomorrow morning and I agreed. He asked me to help him ready his gears, as he needs to go to the bait shop to get us some catfish bait, similar to these here. I asked him about why is he getting catfish baits and he told me that it is the season for catching catfishes at the river streams near our house.

My dad got home after an hour and I am so thrilled with what he got for me. He bought me a new fishing rod and I am so ecstatic to use it later. He reminded me that I should be quiet and patient when fishing and I told him that I understand. My dad told my mom that we are going fishing the next day and he invited her to come with us. She told us that she already has plans with a friend, but she is happy that my dad and I will have time to spend more time together. She hinted that she could go fishing with us next week, if I will like what I would experience later and I just smiled.

My dad and I went to the river stream and rented a boat big enough for the two of us. I helped him load up all our gears and we started paddling away. I am surprised that he has a lot of baits like chicken liver, hotdogs, wax, and some artificial fly baits. He explained that we have to use different ones to confuse fishes and get a better catch every time. I looked at my dad and he seems so happy to fish. I asked him about when was the last time that he had gone fishing and he told me that it was a year ago. As he is thanking me for the opportunity to letting him fish again, his cast caught a bite and he reeled it in quickly. I am so happy to see my dad having fun with me. We did not caught as much as we wanted to, but it is the experience of doing something with my dad that made me happy. I know that he is not getting any younger, so I thought to myself that I should spend more time with him and my mom. I am thinking to invite them again fishing next week and I am sure that we will all have a good time.


Class Report

Cheryl has a minor subject that she hates so much. It is Anatomy and she often rants about what she is dealing with the subject. She said that she is planning to drop it this semester because it is as the same time as her basketball practices. She added that her professor has been on her nerves because he often calls out the attention of the class about her poor grades. Her professor even made her report about bunions and the best shoes for bunions next week. I laughed and asked her if she is serious. She told me that it is going to be a problem because they have a tight basketball schedule this week and she cannot allot time for research. I told Cheryl that I could help her this week because I am already done with my projects and assignments. She hugged and thanked me while telling me that I am her savior. I laughed at her and told her that it would cost her a good dinner.

I started researching about Cheryl’s report right away and I am surprised that there are so many information about it on the web. I compiled a list about the causes, the signs and the symptoms. I also added information about how to treat and how to prevent them. It just took me two hours to finish all of her report and I called my best friend that it is already finished. Now, it just depends on herself if she is going to study about what I compiled for her to be ready for her report. She do not have any idea how to report it and I told her to just discuss what causes bunions and start from there. It took us hours before she could get it right, but I am glad that she almost perfected it. I asked her to read everything that I compiled for her and added that she should ask me questions to clarify the information about it. She is a bit surprised that she understood all of it. I told her that she just does not put much time for the subject because she prioritizes basketball over her minor subject and she agreed about what I said. She even joked that I should stop using high-heeled shoes because it would cause me a bunion or two and we both laughed about with what she said.

Cheryl is so excited about her report and she added that her professor would be so surprised when he gets to hear her report about bunions and I agreed. I added that she should not drop her subject because it make her go over it next year and she does not have a choice. I reminded her about the money that her parents worked hard for and she nodded. Next week came and I was right. Not only that she surprised her professor, but also her whole class, as she got a standing ovation. She told me all about it and thanked me because if not for me, she would have just did not go to class and hang out somewhere.